Focal length:31.9
Exposure:1/640 sec
F number:f/5


Do you know that the photos and videos you capture throughout your life are the only multimedia content that you can own? You never really own the music and the movies that you buy, you merely own the media that stores them, and you only buy your right to see or listen to them.

I believe you and I do not need to give away the ownership of our photos and videos to the cloud that stores them for us. In fact, I believe we should not give this ownership to anyone. I believe we should keep it to ourselves. And I also believe in sharing our photos with our loved ones. Not all the photos, but only those we want to share. I believe we should be able to have full control over our photos and videos without being locked-in by a solution that we use only for several years. After all, photos are forever.

For all these reasons I have created Photostovis.

- Florin Lohan


Photostovis has two main components: a server component and a client component. The server runs inside your house and stores your photos. It could be your modem, your router or a small, dedicated PC.

modem with HDD small PC iPad with small PC

The client is web-based and runs on any connected device. It can be your tablet, your phone, your PC. It can access your Photostovis server from inside your home, or, if you allow it, from outside.

Photostovis is designed so that it can combine photos and videos taken with different devices. If you and your family go on holiday, you can all take pictures and combine them all into a single family album.

Albums can be shared with friends and family by allowing them to connect to your Photostovis server. You will have full control over your privacy, as Photostovis allows you to restrict access to certain albums or hide certain pictures that you prefer to keep for yourself.

iPad with small PC iPad with small PC iPad with small PC

With Photostovis there is no lock-in. Your photos and videos are kept in their original format inside a files and folders structure, on a hard-drive that can be removed from the Photostovis server and connected to a PC. Photostovis will not "pollute" your picture folders with the redundant information it collects. It stores it in a private place, so that your folders contain only the pictures and videos you take. So, if you ever choose to switch to another solution, you will be able to do it easily and hassle-free.

Photostovis is designed to be fast and requires little resources, especially on the server side. It runs very well on a Raspberry Pi.

Get Photostovis

Current status (July 2014): Photostovis server runs and can send albums and pictures to clients over HTTP. Desktop browsers and iPads are supported and regularly tested. Digest authentication can be enabled.

What does not work yet:

  • All connected clients see the same pictures.
  • There is no possibility to change or edit pictures inside Photostovis.

There are several reasons for which you may wish to try Photostovis. If any of these apply to you, please contact me:

  1. Partnering: If you are a company making routers, modems or NAS devices and are willing to have Photostovis running on some of your devices.
  2. Run it on your own hardware: If you are willing to try Photostovis on your own (Linux) server.
  3. Run it on pre-installed hardware: If you are willing to buy a small PC running Photostovis.




If you have anything to say about Photostovis, please contact me.